le guishu - degustation coffret

Le Guishu tube degustation gift coffret

$380 $333

Discover le Guishu range in a deluxe coffret
3 tubes to discover the Guishu range
Limited edition


Product Description

In the world of fermented rice, Japan has the “Sake”, China’s “Yellow Wine” and France has “Guishu”. Latest fermented rice, “The Guishu” is the first and only French rice wine. There as 12.5% alcohol and is ideal for table, on Provencal cuisine but also exotic.

There are 3 Guishus in this first line:

  • The Dry:  with 20% white wine
  • The Semi Dry : Unfiltered and
  • The Semi Sweet :  with 5 flavors

This is a high quality beverage has designed Olivier Sublett, wine professional  from  an old family of wine maker in Bordeaux. Adapted with wine making expertise, it is delicate and fresh, tasty combining elegance for Oriental taste buds and Western.


Gustatorily, the Range “Guishu” is closer to wine grapes sakes, Yellow Wine of Chinese or other Asian fermented rice. But are very different, they always surprise. Easy to drink, because with no tannins, and very aromatic, these wines of pleasure.  


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