Le Guishu dry

Le Guishu DRY – SEC


The GUISHU – Sec
Nose: (Bouquet) powerful, vinous with
a little lemony apple opening, but very
quickly the floral scents such as rose
and lychee dominate.
Palate: Pleasant, ethereal, fresh, with a
little citrus, with the rose lingering in the
mouth. A fine and delicate body, a bit
sexy. The final reminiscent of fermented
rice with a hint of bitterness.


Product Description

Food and wine:Accompany dishes with little or no spiciness.Seafood, crab and smoked salmon are indicated.Perfect with sushi, it goes very well with dishes with ginger. Slightly spicy,
Cantonese food such as dim sum are very suitable, grilled or steamed fish,
white meat, an accompaniment of raw or cooked vegetables.
But also vegetable appetizers, meats and salads.
NB: The 3 “Faguo Yellow Wines” are the ones that are closest to traditional
white wines, but the rose-lychee gives it an oriental mark. If one were to compare
it, you could approach a Riesling/Chardonnay with a hint of muscat, this
with a rather elegant structure. But it would be more like wines of California,
New Zealand and even some countries
of Eastern Europe.